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Magisterial heresies and Sedevacantist inconsistencies

October 31, 2010

Today I took a look at Dimond’s book on No Salvation Outside the Church. While recognizing the problems and not claiming to be able to address all the arguments, I will simply share one thought that came to me while reading the presentation.

It seems that while the Dimonds claim the Church apostatized in Vatican II so that the papal see has been vacant ever since, they are forced to admit pre-conciliar heresy, error or weakness in certain magisterial documents which teach along the lines of Vatican II (on baptism of desire and invincible ignorance).

What the Dimonds do in these situations is that they point out that these documents were not infallible and thus could contain errors. Then they point out other texts from these same sources that support their understanding.

But the problem is this: by the same standard, you could acquit the modern Popes as well, because all the materials the Dimonds quote to show the modern Popes are heretics, are non-infallible documents. None of the post-conciliar Popes has made an infallible declaration. And then you could quote some of the more traditional sounding pieces from these Popes to show they are all right after all.

In other words: The Dimonds claim to “prove” the modern Popes are not Catholics (and thus no Popes) by showing that they are heretics or that they allowed or supported heretical ideas. But by the same method you could show that many preconciliar Popes were personally heretics, and thus no Catholics but antipopes.

The idea of “pure and unchangeable infallibe doctrine” as interpreted by the ultratraditionalists seems to be a naive fantasy in light of how doctrine has actually developed.